I Believe in You – The Power of Transformation

Happy Spring Everyone!

This is the season of fresh starts and transformation.

I Believe in Me

I have been on an amazing journey as The Canadian Health Coach and this past year I have been able to help more people reach and surpass their goals and I LOVE IT!

I have been able to help hundreds of people lose more than 10 lbs but my next goal is to help 10 people lose over 100lbs. I have three amazing people that started at over 300 lbs so far (although they are not over 300 lbs anymore :)) and another who has a goal to lose 100 lbs so if you or anyone you know has this goal I would be happy to co-create this transformation with you. It really is up to you. Having said that, I have also been fortunate enough to help people gain weight too as they build lean muscle and become more lean and healthy.

Weight changes of less than 10 lbs are life transforming too as people cleanse toxins and reclaim their youthful zest and have the energy to play with their kids, live an active lifestyle and actually enjoy their friends and family. These incredible people who believed in themselves now report loving the release of various addictions to sugar, diet drinks, caffeine and most of all their addiction to struggle which is the most valuable benefit of all in their personal journey. I am so grateful for my journey and this opportunity. It is very rewarding to get great results and make a difference.

Together we are changing the world one person at a time – one bite at a time.

Click on the link to watch this video. If it doesn’t play for you, look for me (Shaunna Menard) as I will be posting on facebook and twitter or visit my website and it should play for you there.

I Believe in Me

Be good For YOU!!


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To learn more about a cleansing lifestyle, one of our weight loss programs or to learn how you can help others achieve their health goals as you nurture yourself, email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call 204-781-7129.

Your Game Changer

Your time is NOW. Click on the link above and watch this and Be Good For YOU!! ( If it doesn’t play go to to view) Email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have further questions after viewing the link below.

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We start Jan 2012. Are you in?

Invite and pause for celebration

Well, it certainly has been a busy month. I was working in Calgary all month at the ultrasound clinic and once again the patients that I see suffering needlessly from preventable disease continue to strengthen my resolve to be an agent of change spreading health and happiness as much as possible.

Last month we launched the 6 WEEK GAME CHANGER which is in full swing. At last count I know there are over 90 participants. Of the 41 people who have posted there results so far ( oops – I still have to post mine), we have lost a cumulative, whopping 323lbs !!!!! and 422 inches!!!! This also doesn’t include the many people who have begun the program outside of the gamechanger who I am coaching on the side. Congratulations to all of you. Your enthusiasm and success is inspirational and contagious. The transformations that are going on are so much more though than the pounds and inches. The health, mental clarity and energy and real lifechanging results are the “change” in the world that I have yearned for. The amazing stories from these men and women are the fuel for my fire. SO this month I wanted to acknowledge their efforts.

I also want to invite anyone who missed that last email or opportunity to email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required or email hidden; JavaScript is required if you want to know more.

I also am opening up my house on Wed Oct. 5, 2011 at 7 pm for an information night. Two of the lovely and amazing coaches from the 6 WEEK GAME CHANGER will be there – Shannon Fisher and Erin Postle. You can learn more about this nutritional cleansing lifestyle program, sample food and drink from the program and get your questions and concerns answered. If you are in the Winnipeg area email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required and I will give you directions and answer questions about the event to see if it might be worth your while checking out. Hope to see you there!! If you cannot attend but would like more information email me and I can give you more information.

Details again:
Wed. Oct 5, 2011 at 7 pm
My place near Winnipeg, MB – email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required for directions

Be Good For YOU!!


p.s. I lost a total of 11 pounds this month and I am definitely at my ideal weight. You know those last 10 lbs – where you are still at a healthy weight but are stubborn to budge… melted away. Better and more profound is the health change. Email me if you want to see a video of blood under a microscope from people before and after the 11 day cleanse. ( not people from our game changer program but from others who did the same program.) TRULY AMAZING!!!

Quick and easy way to lose that belly fat!

Hi folks

If you can’t play this video by clicking on the link above, go to Youtube and look for Jill’s Isabody. You will be glad you did. Isn’t her story amazing? Did you cry- not sure if it is tears of joy or emapthy for the struggle many of us go through to reach our dreams.

I can hardly contain my excitement and can’t wait to share this with you. This is a GAMECHANGER!

Three other coaches and I are offering this rare opportunity of FR*E*E coaching that could change your life! If you have been waiting for that opportunity to lose those extra pounds, boost your energy and improve your mental clarity quickly and easily and you want that opportunity to just fall into your lap —-well, this is it! You have attracted an awesome opportunity. But you have to act now because we enroll up until Monday Sept, 12 and Tuesday the 13 th at the latest and we kick off with our first call Sept 15, 2011

You know how much I love to help people to healthy weight loss and happiness. Many of you know from this blog the amazing healing properties of superfoods and that superfoods were how I lost my 30 lbs 7 years ago and led me to write my book Doctor Up The Recipe about superfoods. As a busy mom of 4 and doctor, I need quick and easy solutions but I won’t compromise on health. Well, I have recently tried after much skepticism and much research, a new amazing system that allows you to enjoy quick and easy superfoods everyday AND lose weight and detox in a healthy natural way without diuretics, stimulants, laxatives, etc. This is a proven formula for success that has been replicated thousands of times. Still I let my own body decide.

I have lost 7 lbs in 9 days!

Not only that I lost 1/4 in. of my chest, 2 in. off my waist and an amazing 3 in. off my ” perimenopausal, post 4 children” belly!! I even lost an inch off the fat above each knee!! – in 9 days!!

But more importantly I have gained clarity and energy without any caffeine. I am a better mom this week. Even with back to school chaos, working and all of the fall startups, I have energy and clear thinking and I feel amazing! This is how I felt 7 years ago and I wanted everyone to be able to experience this feeling and now you can. Now people in my immediate circle have begun to be transformed and I felt I owed it to you to present the opportunity for you to decide for yourself.

To learn more about or register for the fr*ee 6 WEEK GAME CHANGER, click on the link below or email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required or look me up on facebook.


So excited to be part of this exciting journey with you.

Be Good For YOU!!



Spring is here and what better way to celebrate than with glorious greens. Check out this video for a quick and easy way to make a green smoothie. Perfect for getting those oh so healthy greens into our diet. You will feel wonderfully energized after this little smoothie. Spinach is loaded with goodness including antioxidants,  iron, calcium, vitamin A, E and K and has been shown to decrease blood pressure and reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, cataracts and help with weight  loss. If you have trouble viewing go to my website directly at

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Be Good For YOU!


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