How to Make a Quick and Easy Chocolate Almond Bark

How to Make Chocolate Almond Bark

Well, it has been quite the year and I will save the updates over a few upcoming posts. For now, I would like to offer a quick and easy holiday treat! Click on the link above. If you have trouble viewing go to or look for me on YouTube under DrShaunna Menard or connect with me on Facebook.

I intend to post a few videos in the next short while but I will keep ‘em short. Please post your comments below and share with your friends.

Happy Holidays and Be Good For YOU!

Dr Shaunna

I Believe in You – The Power of Transformation

Happy Spring Everyone!

This is the season of fresh starts and transformation.

I Believe in Me

I have been on an amazing journey as The Canadian Health Coach and this past year I have been able to help more people reach and surpass their goals and I LOVE IT!

I have been able to help hundreds of people lose more than 10 lbs but my next goal is to help 10 people lose over 100lbs. I have three amazing people that started at over 300 lbs so far (although they are not over 300 lbs anymore :)) and another who has a goal to lose 100 lbs so if you or anyone you know has this goal I would be happy to co-create this transformation with you. It really is up to you. Having said that, I have also been fortunate enough to help people gain weight too as they build lean muscle and become more lean and healthy.

Weight changes of less than 10 lbs are life transforming too as people cleanse toxins and reclaim their youthful zest and have the energy to play with their kids, live an active lifestyle and actually enjoy their friends and family. These incredible people who believed in themselves now report loving the release of various addictions to sugar, diet drinks, caffeine and most of all their addiction to struggle which is the most valuable benefit of all in their personal journey. I am so grateful for my journey and this opportunity. It is very rewarding to get great results and make a difference.

Together we are changing the world one person at a time – one bite at a time.

Click on the link to watch this video. If it doesn’t play for you, look for me (Shaunna Menard) as I will be posting on facebook and twitter or visit my website and it should play for you there.

I Believe in Me

Be good For YOU!!


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Happy Monday everyone!

Today we are starting a new segment “COACHES CORNER: Q and A MONDAYS.” Today’s question comes from Val from Winnipeg, Canada who wants to know how to get rid of that stubborn belly. Great question! Check out this video on on 7 causes of this and some tips on how to flatten your tummy. If you have trouble viewing go to If the sound timing is off, just click back to the beginning of the video to allow the buffering on your computer to catch up.

In this brief video, there is a limited amount of detail that can be provided on any one cause. If you would like more information on any of the causes or to know more about food intolerances which is only briefly mentioned, ask your question and it may be highlighted in an upcoming video.

**Please note that if you have new, firm, significant or persistent belly bloating that you should contact your physician as this can be a sign of a serious medical condition and this video does not address these causes. This video is intended to address that transient belly bloating that we all can get from time to time and makes us wonder why.

Please leave a comment below and email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required with your questions. Write Q and A Monday in the subject line. Share this on facebook, twitter, etc. because sharing is caring! :)

Be Good For YOU!!



\"How to Make Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberries\"

February is the month of love and chocolate as our “Heart Healthy Month” and of course with the day of love – Valentine’s Day! What better way to celebrate than by spreading a little love and chocolate. Here is a quick video on how to make dark chocolate covered strawberries to help you do just that.

If you are unable to view it go to my website at or my youtube channel at Canadian Health Coach

Be Good For YOU!!


Your Game Changer

Your time is NOW. Click on the link above and watch this and Be Good For YOU!! ( If it doesn’t play go to to view) Email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required if you have further questions after viewing the link below.

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We start Jan 2012. Are you in?